About REDO


“REDO” The vision behind its establishment was to have an empowered and developed nation. The founder of “Organization ” Mr. Yousaf Shah, worked with outstanding commitment, shedding sweat and tears of passion together and showed remarkable progress on self help basis, to contribute in this process of empowerment working through independent motivation, learning ,self respect and own resources. The pioneer worker not only provided material support to deserving people on behalf of Organization, but also worked, day and night, psychologically and syllabically on motivating them to work hard, for their development, betterment and welfare through self help. They were coached and coaxed not to depend on others

.She wishes society energetic, intelligent, self conscious, free of any subjugation and dependence. The Organization” is working over the years on narcotics, female education, child labor and disable children, health and hygiene, teacher training, free medical camps in targeted areas, sewing centers for women in different districts of KPK. Organization” is working seriously under missionary impulse for these objectives so that a developed and empowered national dream can come true.

The  Organization”   has   arranged   various   awareness   programs   relating  health, narcotics, education and teachers training.

Teacher  trainings  were  provided  in  different  schools  so  that  teachers  are  well equipped with modern day sophisticated ways and means of catering knowledge and can  play  their  role  in  the  best  possible  manner  efficiently,  efficaciously  in transforming young/children into self knowing and nation requirement-appreciative lot, preparing them well in time to shoulder coming responsibilities of life.

Drugs are abused and addicts are often disgraced in the society. The Organization ”brings awareness to them, their families and establishes rehabilitation centers for them. They are provided with necessary know-how on the subject enabling them stand upon their own legs and trying with intuition and sense of responsibility from within, in getting rid of this abominable menace.

Various   sewing   centers   were   established   in different targeted areas so that women folk    could learn  the  art  of  sewing  and  could  earn  their provision and livelihood through their own sweat without breaking the social norms of Chadar aurchar diwari, sitting honorably within their own four walls of the house so that there is no fear of any physical misuse or any molestation “The  Organization ” established sewing centers in Peshawar Rural Area from which 80 girls benefited. A similar sewing center was established in shaibala village also which imparted training to 60 girls.. They were provided Machines and other accessories also under self support philosophy. Side by side to it various micro credit programs were started in less privileged areas so that they could start their life anew with new ideas, enthusiasm in an endeavor for starting some kind of independent life.

Moreover, this organization arranged marriages of the 55 poor, economically handicapped pairs, in a very befitting manner, through its own resources. “The Organization” bears in mind the philosophy that a society is respectable and dignified only when it stands upon its own legs and does not live like parasite.


Key objectives

  • To take necessary steps for the provision of basic health facilities
  • To ensure quality education in less developed or less privileged areas
  • To provide advocacy against all kinds of social evils
  • To establish or assist in establishing vocational center in less developed or less privileged areas, with main focus on women and children.
  • To work against drug addiction ,with the focus on catering awareness against drug addiction and rehabilitation of drug addict,
  • To evolve micro credit programs for the less developed or less privileged areas
  • To work on ensuring child rights under Child Right Convention.


Female education

Comparison  of  data  for  men  and  women  reveals  significant  disparity  in educational attainment. United Nations sources say that in 1990 for every 100 girls of primary school age there were found only thirty of them in school; among girls of secondary school age, only thirteen out of 100 were in school; and among girls of the third level, grades nine and ten, only 1.5 % were in school.

Pakistan has never made a systematic, nationally coordinated effort to improve female primary education, despite its poor standing.  Some times back it was assumed that underlying reasons behind low female school enrollments were cultural, social and environmental but research conducted by the Ministry for Women’s  Development  and  a  number  of  international  donor  agencies  during

1980s revealed that danger to a woman’s honor was parents’ most crucial concern “The Organization” is working diligently, seriously to educate girls so that they can adjust themselves in the society with their heads up and can survive in this tough, demanding world. “The Organization” has established a school in which girls are educated. The teaching staff solely comprises of female teachers so as to provide a comfortable environment to girls and also their parents who show concerns over that.



Drugs are abused all over the world today and unfortunately our country is victim of this abuse. Addicts lose their dignity and respect in the society and in the family. They is seen with disrespect and disgraced everywhere in the society.

Medical complications are common among recreational narcotic users, arising primarily from the non-sterile practices of injecting. Skin, lungs and brain abscesses, endocarditis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS are commonly found among persons with narcotic dependencies  who  share  syringes  or

inhale the drug.  Drug effects depend heavily on the dose, route of administration and previous exposure to the drug.

“The Organization” has an objective of fighting against this abuse and aims for drug free Pakistan. It has arranged various awareness programs on drug abuse highlighting  harmful  drugs  effects.  These  awareness  programs  were  for  the parents, girls and boys so that everybody could know about its symptons and negative effects. “The Organization” has also established a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, at Peshawar, so that they could live a respectful life in the community.


Health and hygiene

Pakistan’s health indicators, health funding, and health and sanitation infrastructures are generally poor, particularly in rural areas. About 19% of the population  is  malnourished.  There  are  30  percent  of  children  under  age  five among them who too    are malnourished. Leading causes of sickness and death include  gastroentritis,  respiratory  infections,  congenital  abnormalities, tuberculosis, malaria, and typhoid fever.


The  organization  providing  free  Medical Camps in different area of Peshawar

Pakistan is committed to the goal of making its population healthier, as evidenced by the continuing strong support for Social Action Program (SAP) and by the new vision for health, nutrition, and population outlined in the government’s National Health Policy Guidelines up to 2010.

“The Organization” has also arranged free medical camps in different less priviliged areas of Peshawar where free medical checkups were by specialist doctors. These medical checkups were mainly for poor children and women who

could not bear expenditure. Free medicines were also provided to needy ones on priority basis. Distributed to 480 IDPs families food items and Non food items to


Future Plans

  • To establish free medical camps in the targeted area
  • To conduct awareness raising sessions on health and hygiene
  • To arrange mobile dispensaries
  • To conduct training workshops both for teachers and parents regarding quality education
  • To establish non formal schools for working children in the targeted area
  • To promote girl/child education
  • To establish Adult Literacy Centers in the targeted area
  • To establish vocational centers, especially for women and children
  • To establish rehabilitation centers for drug addicts
  • To provide micro credits to the trained community members
  • To establish Child Care Centers for working children i