Aims & Objectives

  1. To provide education facilities to the male female formal informal IT & Modern Sciences among the masses in general.

  2. To provide medical facilities among the masses in general.

  3. To  organize  free  medical  camps  at  different  localities  which  shall impart?

  4. Medical facilities to the down trodden and helpless people who suffer several of diseases.

  5. To work towards betterment of people in the field of environment, addicts Disability.

  6. To work towards Women Development, Social Uplift and protection of Women Rights in shape of providing legal, social, monetary help and assistance.

  7. To work on poverty alleviation program.

  8. To enhance standard of education, sanitation, a forestation, skill

  9. Development, sports and recreation and to promote anti-narcotics environment  and to establish resource centers.

  10. To work for welfare of worker who has working at private companies.