Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message.

Rural  Education  Development Organization “REDO” is a non- governmental humanitarian aid.” REDO” provides  basic  health  facilities  by arranging free medical camps at different districts throughout KPK. .” REDO” also conducts  awareness  programs  on  health and  hygiene.  It  is  seriously  working  on

drug abuse conducting different awareness programs in various targeted areas of KPK in  order to  bring awareness  in  the society about  this  malpractice and  abuse. “.” REDO” also tends to arrange rehabilitation centers of the drug addicts, by catering relevant know-how and material facility. Education is Pakistan’s primary concern. .” REDO” believes in translating better and developed Pakistan dream into truth and realization provided improved education system and awareness about it includes female education and child labor. If the children\ youth, is  taken into education hold, it will ensure   Pakistan lying in safe hands. For the purpose.“REDO” conduct teacher  training  as  they  play  vital  role  in  transforming  the  youth  for  healthier purposes, conducts meetings with parents and influence children towards education. It also established a school in which quality education is provided where 75% of the children are studying free of cost.

“REDO” believes in skill importance for one to compete in this tough, toiling and demanding world. It has arranged free sewing centers for women in which they learn the sewing skill of so  that they can  monetarily contribute with their  families.  It evolved various micro credit programs for less developed or under privileged areas.